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Radar Reminder™

Adelaide Metro and SA Country
Speed Camera Location proximity Notifications

How does that work?

So . . . you're driving along . . . minding your own business . . .
then suddenly out of no-where you hear our App deliver:

"Radar Reminder - Mobile Camera, South Terrace, Adelaide".

You get a "Proximity based Speed Camera Notification"
just before you get to that Speed Camera Location.

In other words . . . just before you enter the
'Speed Camera Published Location' - you get the RR Alert to check your speed,
. . . maybe slow down a bit, and save your money and maybe . . . your license?!

Every day (quietly updated at 12:01am) get the new
Daily 'Published Locations' direct to you
when YOU are driving near a Speed Camera Location proximity.

And (soon) will also connect to your iOS & Android Smart-watch!

Free to download with limited functionality.
Fully featured for just $7.00 per Month or Annual payment of just $66.00

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Radar Reminder v2.0 ~ iOS

Radar Reminder v2.0 ~ Android

What's Awesome About Radar Reminder™ ?

Just To Name A Few Reasons.....

Contact Information

Steve Grealy
Es Em Gee Pty Ltd
+61452 577 724
Christies Beach, South Australia 5165

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general information please email.